Where I can find step-by-step instructions?
Try looking in HOWTO section.
Where I can find more binaries? There are nothing for my platform on official site.
Try looking in Binaries section.
There are a lot of packages available on the download page, which one I should use?
You should install LibRCC library. Afterwards, you can apply any of available patches to your applications (xmms, taglib, gftp, etc). Howether, the LibRCC relyies on the several libraries. Therefore, prior to LibRCC installation, you should have installed:
  • LibXML2 - mandatory.
  • LibRCD and Enca for the encoding autodetection. LibRCD supports Russian & Ukraininan languages. Enca supports more eastern european languages, but performs worse on Russian and Ukrainian.
  • LibGUESS in order to allow encoding detection in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.
  • DB4 - for recodings caching. This feature is crucial to provide multi-language recodings.
  • Aspell - for language autodetection.
  • LibTranslate? - if you want translation of titles to your language. You should apply to Libtranslate all provided patches and install fresh services.xml with service descriptions (Look in Miscelleaneous sections on download page).
I have installed required libraries, but LibRCC is not able to find them
First of all you should install development files for this libraries. In many Linux distributions the libraries are divided in two pieces: dynamic library (required to execute dynamically linked applictions) and development files (headers and static libraries). You should install both.
Development files are installed, but LibRCC cant find them yet. What next?
The LibRCC tries to locate libraries in /usr/, if you have installed them to another place (/usr/local for example) you should pass appropriate information to configure script. For example, too look in /usr/local - run the configure script with following options:
./configure CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include" LIBS="-L/usr/local/lib"
Still having no luck?
Please, try to reconfigure autotools. Run ./autogen.sh script from the root of the source directory.
How I should apply patches?
Extract application sources. Change to the source directory. For the patches distributed in the *.patch.bz2 format you should execute following command:
   bzcat <patch_name>.patch.bz2 | patch -p 1
For patches distributed in *.tar.bz2 archives, please extract all files and run following command for every *.patch file in archive:
   cat <patch_name>.patch | patch -p 1
For RusXMMS, please, extract RusXMMS sources into the root of the xmms source directory and run:
After the patches are applied you should perform automake system reconfiguration. Execute:
Automake complains on missing macros. How I can fix it?
Probably you have not installed developer libraries for some of the dependencies. More information is available here (Russian).
I got a compilation errors. What is wrong?
You really need to make automake reconfiguration:
I applied patches, but nothing have been changed. What I should try?
You should set appropriate locale. At least LC_CTYPE variable. However, LC_COLLATE is also helpful for correct sorting order. Current locale settings can be checked with:
Encoding is incorrect. What next?
First, please, check what is wrong. If you haven't Russian symbols at all (or even completely no symbols), the most probably you have problems with fonts. If Russian letters appear but in wrong encoding, you should check if LibRCC library is really found during compilation of your application. The configure script should confirm what LibRCC library is detected and used.
How I should configure fonts in XMMS?
You should enable "Use fontsets" and "Use X font" in XMMS preferences under "Fonts" page. And you should select appropriate fonts supporting your charset (defined by LC_CTYPE locale variable).
Which Unicode fonts can you recommend to use with XMMS?
I'm using the font from Arphic fonts collection. It contains glyphs for Chinese, Cyrillic and Latin languages.
  -misc-ar pl shanheisun uni-medium-r-normal-*-14-*-*-*-p-*-iso10646-1
You can find it on the RusXMMS download page.
Having troubles with unicode characters in XMMS or other GTK1 application?
What more should be wrong and prevent LibRCC from operating?
  • Amarok - please clear Amarok cache.
The playlist sorting is broken in XMMS
The sorting is fixed in RusXMMS-csa35. However, you should have en_US.UTF-8 locale installed at your system.
Applications linked with RusXMMS are getting stuck during startup
This could happen due to the broken Berkeley DB cache. Try to remove the recodings and translation caches (remove ~/.rcc/default.db and ~/.rcc/libtranslate.db).
Amarok shows invalid tags while playing from smb shares. Everything is perfect with local files.
Unfortunately, the current version of taglib is only working with local files. Therefore, the amarok is using different method to get id3 tags from files on smb shares. This means stand-alone patch for amarok is needed. If you interested in development, please, take a look on Forum Discussion (russian).

RusXMMS does not recognize LibGUESS library

RusXMMS currently supports only original 0.2.0 version of library. The new fork which is included in some distributions is not supported yet. Please, consider installing 0.2.0 for now. Support of new version is work in progress.