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DarkSoft Projects

RusXMMS RusXMMS project is aimed to provide libraries for easy encoding/translation handling in various applications. It could handle multiple languages simultaneously, supports encoding and language auto detection, automatic recoding, and translation. The auto detection engines are optimized for handling short text messages and provide almost precise recognition starting from 4 letters (Russian, Ukrainian). The UI library provide easy configuration interface. The provided console utilities allow fixing
file names in directory hierarchies, ID3 tags within music collections and etc. Among the currently supported applications are XMMS, TagLib (Amarok, JUK, Audacious, and much more), LibID3 (zinf), MOC, mpg123, GFTP (both console and X versions), unzip, p7zip.
XML Benchmark C/C /Java XML toolkits benchmarking toolset. Supported parsers: LibXML2 (Gdome, LibXSLT, XMLSec), Xerces (Xalan), IBM XML4C, Expat (Sablotron, CSLXML, Arabica), Oracle XDK, RXP, QT XML Module, Sun Crismon, Xerces for Java. Benchmarking fields: Parsing (Native, SAX, DOM), DOM Manipulations, Schema Validation, XSL Transformation, XML Signature and Encryption.
ADEI ADEI(Advanced Data Extraction Infrastructure) is a dynamic web interface facilitating fast access (visualization and data extraction) to the time series which are stored in various data sources. The software is still on alpha stage. Main highlights are:
  • Fast processing of huge amounts of data
  • Google maps style navigation
  • Demo site is available
Toma Reviewing GPU architectures to build efficient back projection for parallel geometries
DICT_HW This is CUDA-optimized implementation of Digital Image Correlation and Tracking Algorithm. The software is based upon the original Matlab version.
PAM X509 Authentication This module provides password-less login authentication on local console using X509 certificates and private keys stored on some personal data holders like
mobile phones, usb sticks and etc...
DarkLin IV Current Extensions to Gentoo Linux. Including RusXMMS patches, russification related stuff, some other enhacments and additional packages.
My Documents Ill-structured collection of different useless notes and docs on Misc. notes on software, programing languages, operating systems, hardware and etc. Mixed russian/english language.

DarkSoft Patches

OSXvnc (Vine) 3 screen detection hack Fixes complains on "screen format not supported" while executed in virtualized environment by means of Parallels Server for Mac 3.0. SourceForge Bug #2015031.
OSXvnc (Vine) 3 fixed binary This is compiled binary with described fix applied. You just need to install Vine 3.0 and then replace original OSXvnc-server (from 'Vine') with fixed version.
OSXvnc (Vine) 3 compilation fix Fixes compilation of OSXvnc (CVS version from July 9, 2007) on OS X 10.5.4 Leopard with XCode 3.0
X11VNC 0.9.3 compilation fix Fixes compilation of x11vnc on OS X 10.5.4 Leopard with XCode 3.0
PhP 5.2.9 PDO/ODBC complains (on long binary queries) PhP PDO/ODBC driver incorrectly handles long binary fields in the queries (resulting in "Out of memory" error). This is a fix. Php bug #42765
PhP 5.2.9 PDO/ODBC timeout support This patch implements timeout (PDO::ATTR_TIMEOUT) support in PDO/ODBC driver. It is required to limit amount of time the ODBC driver is trying to connect dead/unreachable server.
Php Bug #45287
FreeTDS 0.82 ODBC Driver: data corruption fix FreeTDS ODBC driver is corrupting data if SQLGetData is called multiple times on a single column and data conversion have been involved. This is a fix. This is a second revision of the patch.

The patch is applied upstream. Version 0.83 is expected to have this issue fixed.
P7zip 4.65 (library for clamav) This patch is required by clamav to enable 7z archives checking. Please, look documentation on
Clamav 0.95.2 (7z archives) Provides 7z archives support to Clamav (it is just an update of patch (and documentation) available on to the newer clamav version)
Monkey Audio Codec 3.99-u4-b5 Patch fixes segmentation faults on 64 bit platforms.
xmms-wma 1.0.5 This patch makes XMMS WMA plugin to work with the current version ffmpeg (20081014). Besides WMA files it is able to play AAC and M4A.
StarDict 3.0.1 Segfaults This patch prevents StarDict from crashing on 64 bit platforms. Segfault occurs if NetDict functionality is used.
Bug #2264698.
lpc2k_pgm console mode The patch provides console mode for lpc2k_pgm Philips LPC ARM7 Chips programmer (originally only gtk interface).
HTTPS Proxy support for URLLib2 Python "urllib2" and "httplib" supperclass with additional HTTPS Proxy support.
Libtranslate 0.99 improvements Various official and my own fixes for LibTranslate. Includes updated services.xml describing online services and patch extending Libtranslate API with a function which accepts deadline parameter and will return a error if translation was not performed within allocated time slice. The time resolution is around 10ms.
BSD-FTPD 1.0.2 Enhancements Three patches for BSD FTPD server:
1. Read protected private key password from file specified in '-z KEYpassword' option
2. Support extprog (X509 authentication with external program) with command line parameters;
3. Mapping ftp and anonymous users (when they are logging in X509 authentication mode), to corresponded (taken from X509 certificate) user login
4. Costum passive ports range
m3u console player m3u console mp3/m3u player (requires freeamp, mpg123).
mc 7zip VFS fix Fixes a bug in the 7zip archives handler of Midnight Commander's VFS leading to the doubling effect (each directory is presented twice). Actually, it is not patch, but complete VFS handler (version 4.27) with the patch applied. You should put it in /usr/share/mc/extfs folder instead of original one.
mc file extensions Additional extensions for midnight commander 4.6.1.
Bash chown autocompletion fix Fixes extra colon on end of the username for chown bash-completion.
GRip TrackArtist fix Advance to the next track, when enter pressed in the "Track Artist" input field (same behaviour like "Track Name" field).
GnomeTranslate 0.99 Compilation Fix Fixes compilation of Gnome Translate with latest version of eel.
Bash Completion 20060301 scp fix Fixes misbehavior of scp path completion when the host name was ripped from resulting path.
Zip 2.32 Russification Russification patch for Zip archiver: solves problem of exchanging zip files (with russian file-names inside) between linux and windows PCs.
courier-authlib 0.60.6 vpopmail support The vpopmail support have been removed from latest versions of courier-authlib. This patch brings that support back.
Happy Camel 1b3 Enhancement This patch provides support for two new command-line options to Happy Camel. Both options are only applicable for KMZ file generation.
1) Provide an URL there the original photos are stored, so the original images can be linked to the thumbnails displayed on the google maps.
2) Provide ability to indicate photos on the map using very small photo thumbnails instead of default google icon.
Munin pluginv improvements 1. Improvement of courier_ plugin to count logins/logouts on per-user basis.
2. Plugin to measure cpu & memory usage on per-user and per-application basis.
AMIDE 0.9.1 GTK fix Fixes compilation of AMIDE with newer versions of GTK (tested with 2.16.1)
Recaptcha Register for Trac 0.10
gppon 0.3 link status detection The patch implements detection of current status of PPP link on startup. This averts startup of second (and more) ppp daemon on a single configured link.
WindowMaker 0.92 QTApp Menu Fix This hack disables support of _NET_WORKAREAD and, hence, fixes a problem with menus of QT applications (QT 4.5 and later) running under WindowMaker session in multi-head configuration (TwinView, BigDesktop). The bug introduces itself by missing menus of QT applications or by rendering them in invalid places of desktop. The problem does not exists if Xinerama is used and only appears if NVIDIA TwinView (and I guess ATI BigDesktop as well) is used to control multiple displays.
Jabberd 1.4.4 Namespaces Mangle jabber:server/jabber:client namespaces in order to communicate over s2s with the servers enforcing strict standard compliance (, for example).
PSI 0.14 Multilanguage This is port of the multilanguage patch by A.Tsvyashchenko. The patch allows to list used languages in the configuration and enables spell-checking using all specified dictionaries.
XTerm 278 Few small fixes improving handling of non-latin languages. Plus my config.
pam_fprint This provides few enhancements to fingerprint pam authentication module using libfprint (Bug #45575).
1. Allows to specify which finger should be authenticated.
2. Implements checks for remote users connected over SSH or NX. The authentication is not performed in this case.
3. Supports optional parameter specifying external application which will be called and upon its exit code, the pam_module will proceed with authentication or fail back to password authentication. One of possible uses is following: For security reasons, the gnome keyring can't be unlocked by finger-print authorization, the password will be asked upon the login. This forces user to make both finger and password authentication. So, the external application will check if the keyring already unlocked and only in this case allow the fingerprint authentication.
Thinkpad X220 Mic-mute button Enables mic-mute button and led indicator on Lenovo Thinkpad X220 (and similar) laptop.
Rescue Disk for R100 Allows recovery of the Toshiba Portage R100 from the standard USB CDROM (you can boot this image from the standard USB floppy).
VTE 0.30.1 MC integration This patch disable few key-bindings in VTE (Gnome Terminal) when Midnight Commander is executed inside. Hence, midnight commander may get and handle this combinations of key. Currently: Ctrl Ins and Shift Ins are disabled to allow MC to use internal clipboard buffer.
laptop_krf_scripts Just a few scripts to enhance security and usability of Gnome Keyring/FPrint combination on laptop computers (based on pam_fprint patch).
1. Enforces locking of keyrings on system hibernate
2. Automate selection of fingerprint or password authentication to avoid double authentication (keyring asks for passwords after fingerprint auth)
Ezmlm-browse Fixes incompatibility of ezmlm-browse 0.20 with recent versions of ezmlm-idx
ib_sdp port to linux-3.2
rr64x port to linux-3.2 This is a port of High Point Rocket Raid 640 driver to Linux 3.2
Trac IncludeMacro Access Control Fix The macro ignores finegrained page permissions specified using authz_policy. I.e. if the macro is enabled, any user may use Include macro at any page he has access to and get all the restricted pages included into the output. This patch adds the check to prevent security violation. Bug #9931
ib_sdp port to linux-3.x This is a port of SDP protocol driver (OFED) to Linux 3.x. Currently tested with 3.2 and 3.3.
bzr-webdav bug fix With bazaar 2.5, webdav plugin is not working any more and reports invalid HTTP response code 400. This patch prevents bzr-webdav from sending empty push request causing this problem.
Intel mpss port to linux-3.x This patch enables Xeon Phi support on linux distros with Linux kernel 3.4 (tested on OpenSuSE 12.2, srpm). The patch is against intel-mic-kmod included with mpss v. 2.1.6720.
Fixes TracBzr (r129) to work with bzr-2.6 The iter_reverse_revision_history() and get_ancestry() calls was deprecated and removed in bazaar 2.6. This patch re-implements deprecated functions and makes TracBzr compatible with bazaar 2.6. Bug #1165948
Trac 1.0.1 repository tree Patch allows organization of the git repositories into the hierarchical tree to simplify navigation in big projects. Just create a directory hierarchy under projects_base it will be replicated in git like here
Trac 1.0.1 source downloads Patches to Trac, TracGit, and TracBzr to allow downloading zip-archives of the sources (full repositories or selected subdirectories) in the Trac browser.
Recaptcha Register for Trac 0.10 This is an update of the Recaptcha Register Plugin to work with new version of the Web API.

CRD/FZK Internal Projects

Ands Ands (Advanced aNalysis and Data Services) is an OpenShift-based Cloud platform for KATRIN (KArlsruhe TRItium Neutrino) experiment and other internal projects
Alps Alps (Advanced Linux PCI Services) for development and debugging of high-speed PCIe electronics
ADAS 3.3.2 / LibDS 0.1.3 ADAS - Unified Aragats Data Acquisition System
LibDS - DarkSoft Abstraction Library
NAMT Driver 2.5.6 Data Acquisition Software for Multidirectional Muon Monitor with Fujitsu FRV based board by Varuzhan Danielyan.
NAMT Driver 2.2.3 Data Aquisition Software for Neutron Monitor with LPT board by Harut (version with events aggregation).
NAMT Driver 1.2.2 Data Aquisition Software for Neutron Monitor with LPT board by Harut (version without events aggregation)
NAMT Driver 0.8.2 Data Aquisition Software for Neutron Monitor with PCI board by Vasenyuk
ANI UI TCL Interface for ANI program (obsolete).
NCurses interface for Solar NCurses Interface for Solar program (obsolete).
GTK interface for MRSES Frontend to MRSES program provides web portal and distributed calculations solution (obsolete).
WinCC Database Extractor This windows application provides CSV file export for the data stored in Siemens WinCC databases (based on original source by V. Zaharchenko, here).
Camera Viewer The GTK/OpenGL based application to control fast Photonfocus camera (1024x768 at 500 fps) connected over Camera Link interface using Silicon Software microEnable frame grabber.
MRSES It is a fast implementation of Multiple Random Searches with Early Stop , a feature selection algorithm. The application is optimized for IBM CELL architecture and x86 processors with SSSE3 support.

Third Party Patches

Pine with maildir Maildir patch for pine.
MC menu extensions A lot of extensions for standard menu of midnight commander.
Proftpd Auth Using Alias Fixes problem with authorisation using user aliases ("UserAlias" and "UserPassword" derictives).
Russification Stuff Russification patches for console-tools, a2ps, mpage, groff.

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