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* Optimize dockerfileHEADmasterSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-10-051-164/+0
* Pre-intialize data folderSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-08-291-3/+9
* Move datafile lock into the database folder and keep the rest of run files ou...Suren A. Chilingaryan2019-08-291-1/+1
* OpenShift supportSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-08-281-34/+24
* Support for SSH_NODES, like NODES and SNMP_NODESB. van Berkum2017-10-081-0/+22
* Minor fixes and some verbosity improvementsB. van Berkum2017-10-081-4/+10
* fix readme to reflect need to quote command-line, space-separated username/pa...Jason Levine2017-02-271-2/+2
* add support for multiple munin usernames and passwordsJason Levine2017-02-231-3/+12
* Support CGI graphsSoulou2016-11-021-0/+2
* Set recursive ownership of mounted volumes on startup.Martin Kammerlander2016-09-091-0/+6
* removed unnecessary escaping of the smtp message env. varMichael Lewkowski2016-06-011-1/+1
* fixed quoting of smtp_message environment variableMichael Lewkowski2016-06-011-1/+1
* exported smtp_message as configuration parameterMichael Lewkowski2016-06-011-1/+3
* fixed smtp_use_tls and smtp_alway_send parameter value overridesMichael Lewkowski2016-06-011-2/+2
* added smtp_always_send parameter; documented smtp_always_send andMichael Lewkowski2016-06-011-0/+4
* made tls optionalMichael Lewkowski2016-06-011-1/+7
* made smtp auth optionalMichael Lewkowski2016-06-011-8/+16
* Correctly stop on SIGINT/SIGTERM signalsSoulou2015-12-141-2/+4
* Add SNMP and port configurabilityDjuri Baars2015-06-231-0/+26
* Version v5, graceful stop, email alert and better docSoulou2015-04-301-5/+31
* Initial versionSoulou2015-04-301-0/+49