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masterOptimize dockerfileSuren A. Chilingaryan4 years
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2019-10-05Optimize dockerfileHEADmasterSuren A. Chilingaryan7-0/+0
2019-09-26Fix redirectSuren A. Chilingaryan3-4/+4
2019-08-29Pre-intialize data folderSuren A. Chilingaryan1-3/+9
2019-08-29Move datafile lock into the database folder and keep the rest of run files ou...Suren A. Chilingaryan7-10/+21
2019-08-28OpenShift supportSuren A. Chilingaryan8-114/+118
2017-10-19Merge pull request #12 from bvberkum/pullrequests/ssh-nodesSoulou4-7/+34
2017-10-08Support for SSH_NODES, like NODES and SNMP_NODESB. van Berkum2-0/+23
2017-10-08Minor fixes and some verbosity improvementsB. van Berkum3-7/+11
2017-03-03Merge pull request #8 from delfuego/masterSoulou3-9/+18
2017-02-27fix readme to reflect need to quote command-line, space-separated username/pa...Jason Levine2-4/+4