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* Fix building of some legacy ebuildsHEADmasterSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-10-2710-7/+63
* Fix some old packagesSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-10-2540-363/+1236
* Dice(kiwi) and dependencies; kiwi and dependecies (still missing zypper)Suren A. Chilingaryan2019-10-2428-3/+733
* Cleaned most of outdated stuffSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-09-02640-38424/+468
* Taglib and NVIDASuren A. Chilingaryan2019-09-0237-89/+2027
* Added gnu-netcat from old portageSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-09-0114-389/+99
* Fix broken dependenciesSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-09-0110-497/+29
* Initial importSuren A. Chilingaryan2019-09-011222-0/+90601