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ansible.cfg: improve ssh ControlPath
AWS hosts and user names frequently make the default Ansible ControlPath too long. This prevents ssh persistent connections, significantly impacting runtime. More detail: This config change shortens the ControlPath to make this less likely. It would be better to change it to the %C hash, as extremely long hostnames or usernames could still encounter this problem, but that is not yet available with RHEL's openssh. This at least improves the situation.
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diff --git a/ansible.cfg b/ansible.cfg
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@@ -29,3 +29,7 @@ nocows = True
# Additional ssh options for OpenShift Ansible
pipelining = True
+# shorten the ControlPath which is often too long; when it is,
+# ssh connection reuse silently fails, making everything slower.
+control_path = %(directory)s/%%h-%%r